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Barber Motorsport Park trackwalk

The Barber Motorsports Park is an 880 acre, multi-purpose racing facility located on the eastern fringes of Birmingham, Alabama. Although The Barber Motorsports Park only opened its doors in 2003, it has quickly become the premier road racing circuit in the world. Barber Motorsport Park is not only beautiful with its immaculate landscaping, wonderful amenities, and the most extensive motorcycle collection in the world, but the track itself is amazing.  The 2.38 mile, 16-turn circuit is very intensive and full of elevation changes. Be prepared for a busy roller coaster ride with a lot of blind turns, off-camber sections and relatively short straights that will keep you focused.

Turn 1

Past the start/finish line in 4th gear, you approach turn 1 on the right side of the road, a fast left hand down hill turn. Brake hard initially, and then just past the crest of the downhill begin to release pressure as you turn in. Trail the brake into the corner and roll back onto the power. The car will stick  well as you reach the bottom of the hill and start tracking out. Stay towards the right of the center and begin going uphill to turn 2. 

Turn 2

The approach of the right hand turn 2 is uphill and you will need to stay towards the right placing your left side tires on the seam in the pavement. On entry, brake and down shift to 3rd gear, trail off the brake into the corner and transition over to the throttle, but do not accelerate. Just maintain a balance and be patient waiting for the apex curb to appear. Once at the curb, you can accelerate. 

Turn 3

Squeeze the power to full throttle. The track-out point is slightly off camber so anticipate that, maintain your steering angle and accelerate up the hill. 

Turn 4

As you go up hill begin to slightly open the steering a few degrees in order to crest the hill in a somewhat straighter line. You will feel the car get very light at the apex of turn 4, let it settle, track out straddling the seam on the left, then upshift to 4th gear. 

Turn 5

You’ll begin to come across the track from the left to the right and enter the braking zone for turn 5, Charlotte’s Web. You will begin to brake on level ground, but it will quickly drop and gravity will come into play. Downshift to 3rd gear. The turn-in is late. Trail the brake into the turn and then begin to squeeze back on the power at the apex while opening steering up simultaneously. 

Turn 6

Turn 6 has a slight left hand kink in the road and then flattens out. Once past the kink, upshift to 4th gear. On the straight gradually move to the left and get ready for the braking zone for turn 7. 

Turns 7, 8, and 9

Begin braking, turn in and trail the brake all the way down into the Corkscrew of turns 7, 8, and 9. Increase brake pressure as you go downhill into turn 9, down shift to 3rd gear, look to the right and through the turn, feel the compression as you reach the bottom at the apex and then accelerate. The radius will open up as speed increases. Slowly release steering input to reach the track out point. 

Turn 10, 11

Maintain some steering input and you will slowly come across the track from the left to the right. The esses are fast and technical. A slight amount of braking is required prior to the entry. After turning in, squeeze on the power to stabilize the car past the apex of turn 10, then turn right and begin to accelerate once the car is pointed in the right direction. Track all the way out to the left, upshift to 4th gear and then start back to the right. 

Turn 12

For the next series of turns, 12, 13 and 14, the Alabama Rollercoaster, you begin braking on level ground as you turn-in for 12.  Trail the brake through the corner and  down shift to 3rd. You should be in the middle of the road before entering 13. 

Turn 13

Now transition off the brake, turn right and as you feel the compression from the hill, squeeze on the power and gradually release steering in order to crest the hill as straight as possible. 

Turn 14

Down the hill to turn 14, lift off the power transitioning weight to the front of the car,  turn right, drive over the flat apex curbing, and then hold steady speed and steering up the  long right hand turn into 15. 

Turn 15

Braking for turn 15, again to the right, will begin while you are still turning, so make a smooth transition off the throttle to the brake. The car should be placed about a car width from the edge of the left side of the road at the turn-in point. The turn-in is late on this compromise corner. Look into the corner and trail the brake in. Squeeze on the power but do not track out over the seam in order to be positioned properly for turn 16. 

Turn 16

A very important left hand turn that leads onto the front straight. If you gave-up turn 15 correctly you will be on the right side, now lift off the gas at the turn-in point to transfer the weight to the nose of the car and turn left. The road will fall off so you will have to apply the power carefully, don’t jump on the power too early. Most likely you will not get to full throttle until you reach the apex. Carry as much speed off the turn as possible and anticipate the track going off-camber at the exit. Now stay to the right, up shift to 4th gear and cross the start/finish line. 

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